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Jon Cruthers from Siemens wrote:

Congratulations on 150 years of excellence in gear solutions technology. The Gleason story is one that should be held in high regard by every manufacturer as an example of innovation, leadership, and quality. We are proud to be able to support Gleason machines as a global leader in the gear cutting industry. Best wishes for the future and your continued success.

– Wednesday, July 1 2015

Vasanth Kumar from FANUC India (P) Ltd wrote:

Congratulations Gleason for the heights company has touched. its been 150 years of customer service all over the globe. We pray the almighty to shower many more success and introduce latest technology affordable to common man Best Wishes, FANUC India Team.

– Wednesday, June 24 2015

scott peters from gleason wrote:

looking forward to the party sat

– Friday, June 12 2015


Congratulations to Gleason on 150 years of service to our community. I joined Gleason following graduation from college in 1965 joining the Tool Design department. Over the next 16 years I was assigned to several Industrial Engineering positions. What a wealth of knowledge gained. Where else can you follow a product from design, foundry, machine shop, build, testing and shipment. I am always grateful to Gleason for this opportunity. It was this knowledge and Gleason sponsored futher college studies that provided the chance to join Rochester Institute of Technology in 1980 as Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Department. I retired from RIT in 2001. I have fond memories of Gleason and its people.

– Sunday, May 10 2015

Attilio Galimberti from Retired from Gleason Sales Italy wrote:

I served Gleason for almost 20 years from 1987 thru 2007: Exciting years that I am proud to have lived and to have contributed with my commitment to the Gleason growth. Just a point to remember : a quote that I read when for my first time I crossed University Ave main door ; Before Business Gleason is People, I would like to add not only People but a Family ! I wish Gleason to be family for employees, customers and suppliers for next 150 years . Attilio

– Thursday, May 7 2015


Working for Gleason in Plymouth England was very special for me as I had no qualifications in Engineering but was given a chance and after 38years going from manual machines to c.n.c also going through the lean process made me very proud to be part of the Gleason story

– Friday, April 17 2015

Gary Civiletti from Gleason Works wrote:

Congratulations Gleason Works, glad to have been there for 41 years, and we will be there for the 150th Gala on June 13th.

– Wednesday, April 15 2015

Ned Wright from Former Gleason Employee from 1980-2004 wrote:

Happy Birthday Gleason!!!! I literally grew-up in this company. Yes, I have moved on but my time at Gleason is the single longest relationship I have ever had - not counting my family ties. Through Gleason I had the good fortune to travel to over 40 countries. Few people can say that their employer gave them the chance to literally see the world - but mine did. As a result I am truly blessed to have good friends all over the globe. Best wishes to Gleason and all employees past and present of which many are still my good friends Sincerely, Ned Wright Proud former cylindrical & bevel engineer

– Tuesday, April 14 2015

John Clatworthy from Gear Metrology Inc. (retired) wrote:

Congratulations on your 150 year anniversary a unique accomplishment for any company. Being a Cutter Engineer at your Watford facility in the UK at the time of your 100 anniversary, I rejoice at your new anniversary. Long may you prosper.

– Monday, April 13 2015

Phil Bucher wrote:

It is nice to see the continued success of Gleason. I am very appreciative of the company for giving me my first job in 1970 as a research engineer. My experience with Gleason gave me a solid basis for the rest of my career in the IT industry.

– Tuesday, April 7 2015

jordan gleason wrote:

I always wondered what my grandfather was talking about all those years ago about all those patents , proud to be a Gleason! I'd really like to visit someday now that I'm out of the service it may be a little easier haha!

– Monday, April 6 2015

Iosif Melnikov from 1990-2008 Gleason Technical Consultant (retired) wrote:

There were lucky time period in my professional life to participate in business of Great Gleason Family and met many talented and devoted people, incl. Sir Jim Gleason. Wish big successes to Gleason worldwide and forever!

– Saturday, April 4 2015

Bruce Kimble from Gleason Works wrote:

One of the best things that ever happened to me was being hired by the Gleason Works 50 years ago. I hope that all current employees enjoy a long and fruitful relationship with this company !

– Thursday, April 2 2015

Tom Murray wrote:

Gleason Works is like my old high school. Good memories & great people. I had the best jobs. I worked from cutter inspection to electrical assembly to electrical engineering to R&D. Engineering technician on the 507 Hypoid Gear Lapping Machine and did technical road trips to Buffalo, Detroit and Pontiac.

– Thursday, April 2 2015

thomas lang from gleason works wrote:

I am very proud to be an employee of gleason , very few people can say that they work for a company that has been around as long !!!

– Saturday, March 28 2015

Kathy Weiss wrote:

Happy 150th birthday! My grandfather, Alois Weiss, worked at Gleason from 1930-1960. He would be so happy to hear this.

– Tuesday, March 17 2015

Cathy Labuszewski from Gleason Works wrote:

Happy Sesquicentennial Gleason! I am very proud to be a Gleason employee during this Historic time, working for an amazing company that is a strong cornerstone of Rochester, NY!

– Tuesday, March 17 2015

Beryl Pickering from Gleason Australia wrote:

Happy 150th anniversary from retired employee of Gleason Australia. I enjoyed working for this great company and still keep in touch with some of the wonderful staff at GWR. All the best for the future.

– Tuesday, March 10 2015

Fabio Pederneschi from ex VP GWR wrote:

Happy Birthday Gleason! Grazie mille for making me feeling so Young! This year I am only 75, a half of your age! See you soon, Fabio.

– Tuesday, March 10 2015

scott peters from Gleason Works wrote:

Lets all keep up the good work so gleason will be around another 150 yrs.

– Monday, March 9 2015

Valerie Barker from Gleason Works wrote:

Having been a great part of this company's amazing history and given the opportunity all these years working here seeing all the advancements in technology, services and wonderful people I can only say with deep passion Congratulations on 150 years and many great successes for the future.

– Monday, March 9 2015

Susan Siwicki from The Gleason Works wrote:

Congratulations to Gleason on 150 years! I am proud to be an employee of such a great company.

– Monday, March 9 2015

Christian Albrecht from Gleason Corporation wrote:

Wishing all Gleason colleagues a happy birthday and great successs in the future!

– Thursday, March 5 2015